Free Rice!

  1. Visit to help donate rice to hungry people around the world.

    Take a few minutes out of your day by playing a vocabulary game..

    For every correct word you can define, 20 grains of rice will be donated.

    This is a great way to improve your vocabulary as well as help the hungry.

    Have fun and good luck! :yes:
  2. My friend was just telling me about this tonight! It's an awesome idea to benefit a great cause!
  3. OMG. I can tell I'm going to get addicted to that. Where did you hear about it? Do they really donate the rice? Even if they don't, it's still a fun game!
  4. i just went and played!
    it's for a good cause while your improve your vocabulary!
    thanks for sharing.
  5. I was actually talking to my brother on the phone and he told me about this. He heard about it from his church youth group.

    It is so addicting! I play for about 15 minutes at a time and I can get about 3000-4000 grains of rice.
  6. Awesome!! Fun for a good cause. I just added up to 4000 grains.
  7. I got up to 500 (some with the help of a dictionary) but I'll definitely come back.
  8. Yay!! Good job everyone. It's a great cause! :yes:
  9. I like watching that bowl fill!
  10. Who counts the rice??? Hahahaaa... jokes. I am going to play it now. Good thread priiin!!!!!!
  11. ROFL!!!
  12. I played for about 5 minutes and got 1100 grains!
  13. Ive been playing for like 10 minutes and have gotten 1,420 grains!!! I cheated on some( Im not even going to lie! lol) But hey...Im still expanding my vocabulary, and Im cheating for a good cause;)
  14. This is addictive!! :yes:
  15. OMG! Once I started playing, I couldn't stop. It amazed me how many definitions I was able to figure out by the root of the word or the endings. Great cause, ty for posting this.:tup: