Free Refurbishing from Chanel for 1 year

  1. i went to the chanel boutique to pick up my black metallic 226 the other day and the sa was telling me that chanel offers free refurbishing for a year. if your bag is dirty or a little worn, just take it to them and they will make it new again. however, it's only free for a year and i'm not sure how much it could wear out in a year...

    i asked him if they treated the bags at all, and he said that they put a protective treatment on the bags to make them a little more durable. i don't know how accurate that information is since i was asking in reference to the black metallic. for that bag, he said that they would treat it so that it becomes a little more water resistant.

    i'm definitely going to take my white bag in after the summer and have them refurbish it so it'll be all ready for next spring/summer!

    ps. sorry if this is widely known, i have just never heard of it before.
  2. A silly will they know it's less than 1-year-old? we have to keep the receipt? What if the purse is a gift & purchased from somewhere else? I order my bag from SF, but I'm in Canada. I didn't use my cc to pay, but my BIL's US CC. :confused1:
  3. Chanel have records of your purchases, I have used this service before, I did not had my receipt but give them my info. they search and founded it, and replaced a broken zipper and clean my bag at no charge.
  4. it's true, my SA commented on this as well when I was fondling a VERY delicate bag.
  5. Will it take long for the refurbish? hours? days? months? I know it's kind of early to ask this. I only bought the bag less than 2 weeks. But better to know sooner. Unfortunately, my SA didn't tell me all details as I ordered via phone.
  6. So free refurbishing for the first year the bag was purchased?
  7. ceci- they told me that it would take about 4-6 weeks... so you really have to be ready to part with your bag for a while to let them fix it up. i wish it would take a few days! i would go like every month for a year to keep my bags in pristine condition lol.

    poosdarling- yes the first year that you own the bag. however, i don't think they'd be too strict about it. like if you had it for a year and a month or something and wanted it refurbished i don't think they'd split hairs. at least i hope not...

    there's another aspect to this i was thinking about ... if you buy a bag on eBay or something that came out the current year, then you could take it to them to get authenticated right? you could say it was a gift, and since you could have only owned it for a year, they wouldn't need to look up whether you purchased the item. if they accept it for refurbishment, then that means it's definitely authentic!
  8. I didn't know that! What a great thing, thats why I love chanel lol! Well when I eventually (really long time from now) get one, that is a must! :lol:
  9. Oh awesome!!! Thanks for the heads up! :tup:
  10. My SA at Chanel told me the same thing when I purchased my Cerf tote.....
  11. I was not told about this when I purchased my chanel. But thanks for the notice.
  12. Thanks a lot azaelea! If you don't bring this up, I'll never know about this great offer by Chanel. I felt :balloon: :angel: :tender:
  13. Does it work even if you bought from Neimans or Saks?
  14. I think I read somewhere that you can bring it back to Saks and they'll help you with that.
  15. Oh..what if I buy via phone from Chanel SF boutique, can I bring it to Chanel Toronto for refurbish?