Free Rachael Ray Chef Package

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  1. Free Rachael Ray Chef Package - "Neat, if they actually have these in
    stock - but
    here goes - Participate to get Rachael Ray Chef package at
    xxxxxxxx anyone know of any online
    store that actually has these in stock?"

    *we don't allow these links
  2. it looks like a scam to me, I wouldn't give them my email address
  3. It's not a scam per se.. but it's another one of those sites that offer free stuff (i.e. ipods, LCD TVs, game consoles, etc.) In order to receive the free gifts you would need to complete an offer which is usually buying membership from Blockbuster, a purchase from a supporting retailer, etc. Then I believe you need to refer XX amount of people to do the same.

    It's legit and I know people who have received the free gifts but it's just a hassle and annoying IMO. I'm sure they also sell your email address to plenty of 3rd parties so you're leaving the door open for tons of spam.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.