Free Quaker True Delights Sample

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  1. Attached Files:

  2. tried the link and it doesnt work
  3. I got an error message that says "This form cannot be viewed by the public"?
  4. That's worked earlier. Maybe they ran out :confused1:
  5. they all have fruit in them! seeing as i don't like fruit, i'll pass, but thanks for posting. :tup:
  6. ^Thanks for the link. I tried the Cheddar Cheese rice cakes.
  7. The cheddar ones are good! I've never tried the chocolate so that's the one I got.

  8. It's working now...
  9. I just ordered as well.
  10. Thanks - tried cheddar cheese!
  11. Thank you for both links. I decided to try the chocolate drizzle rice cakes.
  12. Thanks! Chocolate on the way!!!!!:rolleyes:
  13. thanks!
  14. Thanks! I got greedy and signed up for both! :smile: :smile: