Free Purses, Shoes, Laptop, etc...NOT!!

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  1. I'm sure youve seen the popups now offering all sorts of free stuff if you complete a few simple offers. They are all scams, let me explain how they work so you don't waste your time and money chasing a dream.

    First they will give you something simple to do like sign up for a credit card and buy something. No big deal, it's easy to do and you get something you were probably going to buy anyway. The company who got you to sign up gets money from the credit card company for giving them a new customer.

    In the second round you will get to choose from several relatively inexpensive offers like magazine subscriptions. Again, you figure why not since you're going to get that free laptop with only one more step. Once more the company who get you to sign up gets paid for bringing in a new customer.

    Now comes round 3. You get to choose from 2 or 3 outrageously expensive offers. If you were stupid enough to choose one the company would happily give you whatever prize you aske for (Speedy 30, laptop, PS3, whatever they are offering) because the profit they make from selling you this junk would easily let them give you a laptop and still make good money. Only nobody ever chooses in the third round, they can see it isn't worth it.

    So you spend a bit of money in the first 2 rounds and the company makes a ton of money from the thousands of referrals they get paid for. It's all legal because you get what you paid for but you will never get that laptop. Don't waste your time.
  2. i didn't know there were still people who actually believe this scam. :lol:
  3. The fact that those ads are all over the place shows that they are making money or else the ads would go away.
  4. It really makes me wonder about the people who actually participate in these things. They're probably the same ones who fill out 3473408720423 of the registration cards at your local grocery store for the chance to win a brand new car. :rolleyes:

  5. Me neither;)

    I think they should just get rid of all the rubbish scams that are on the web now-a-days. :yes:
  6. I wonder if anybody's actually done round 3? Like if they had a ton of money and didn't care?

    I guess if you were that rich you'd buy your own damn Speedy to begin with :roflmfao:
  7. I have never believed in these things, but I did have a coworker who did the free ipod ones all the time and then just sold the ipods on ebay. He used to post all over the internet, myspace, etc to get referralls. He probably got like 12 ipods. THen again he had about 500 magazine subscriptions and 3 netflix accounts!

    You can actually see somewhere recently there was a thread by some seasoned TPF members about these LV popups - several of them actually got the bags (shipped from Elux) and then just returned or exchanged them - the bags were worth about $600. You do have to do ALL The steps, and one poster broke several of the sites down as to which ones were easiest.
  8. ^ Interesting. Those ads are annoying as hell, though. I wish they'd get rid of them too...
  9. Wow! They made it sound easy. haha.
  10. last time I answered one of those pop ups, I had like 500+ emails in my inbox a day. Had to shut down my email account
  11. There was a thread under the deals and steals section about a month ago where numerous tpfers informed about how these work and the best way to get what you want. It boiled down to set up a new email account for it, keep detailed records (one company has you complete three offers and regularly "looses" info on the last offer) and be prepared to wait ~6 mos for it.

    Check it out.
  12. my thoughts exactly!
  13. Yeah these are really stupid. I remember one that a friend emailed to me and then I read the said something like "you must refer 25 friends and they must complete and refer 25 people each in order for you to continue."
    Yeah mmmk. So not worth it.