Free Purse from Eluxury???


Feb 25, 2006
Hey has this happened to any of you when you ordered?:

You know how they charge your credit card for the amount you buy, but they don't actually take the funds immediately (they "hold" the funds) until they ship it? charge from Eluxury expired (after 4 days) and I got the money sent back to my account...but AFTER they shipped my new I basically got my item for free....

Do they ever check their orders to make sure they didn't make a mistake? And if they find out they didn't receive my money...what do they do? I feel bad...but I sure wouldn't mind getting a free Louis Vuitton!! :biggrin:
Wow, there must have been a glitch in accounting. I usually am a honest person, but in this case... since it's an LV... f*** em. :lol:
They'll probably just take the money out when they find out. I think if they don't do it soon, though, you should call. Even though it's not your fault, you don't want a bad relationship with Elux. I mean, let's say you accidently paid too much at the store. Wouldn't you want them to send you the money or call you to come get it?
pocketyee said:
I was told by Exluxury that they just check to make sure your credit is good. Then they nab you after they ship the item. After all they have your creditcard number.

Yes....I have ordered from them before, and they completed the transaction right when they shipped it, so it never expired.

I know this time they again checked my credit was good because it was pending for 4 days....but it never completed when they shipped my item. When the charge expired (since it wasn't completed within 4 days), the money sent back to me. I have a PayPal debit card, so I can see all of the activity that goes on instantly, online.

This is so weird.
bump...this also just happened to me???? has this ever happened to anyone? My payment was pending and then when they shipped, the money was credited back to my account! I am supposed to receive my L.A.M.B. clutch tom lol! do you guys think I should contact elux or just wait it out???
This never happened to me, but awhile back I got mistakenly shipped a free dress from Saks. It just happened to be in my size and it was really cute. :graucho: After wrestling with my conscience I took it down to Saks and explained what happened. The woman (who was busy at the customer service desk) said, "Oh, we can't take that back here. You have to call Saks online and have them come pick it up from your house because they made the mistake. We can't take it back here."

Here I thought I was doing the right thing and would get a gift card or something for being so nice and honest with a $250 dress but I guess not. I guess I just have to go to extra trouble because they mistakenly shipped me a free dress. LOL. So it's still hanging in my closet. :supacool:
This happened to one of my friends with Neiman Marcus. They sent her over $1000 of Manolos that she never even ordered. She called the NM store and they sent FedEx to pick them up. No thank you or anything.
Don't tell them, and if they figure it out, they will charge you, and if they don't, well it isn't your fault they didn't do their job. If they catch it and ask why you didn't say anything, just tell them you never noticed and that you would never have guessed they would make such a dumb mistake, lol.
This is an old thread, but I had something similar happen to me with another online retailer. There was an authorization on my card for the amount, the item was shipped, the authorization expired, and I got the item. However, they must have realized my card wasn't charged, because the authorization reappeared and the charge did eventually appear.

I ordered an item from Strapya World once and I waited two weeks for my card to be charged. I e-mailed them and they replied immediately stating that it sometimes takes up to a month for the charge to appear with the overseas transaction. Sure enough, two weeks later, I was charged. They were totally cool, I must say.

I must be too honest, because I wouldn't feel comfortable not paying for something.
I must be too honest, because I wouldn't feel comfortable not paying for something.

I wouldn't feel comfortable either, but sometimes I don't check my credit card that closely. I know that's probably bad, but if I bought something and it was shipped in a timely fashion, I might not even check unless something looked really off on the credit card bill. Usually "off" to me is when the bill looks too high, not too low! On the other hand, if it were a handbag I was really excited to get, I might check my statement online periodically to try to guess when they actually charged it and when it might ship.

I do wonder how this situation turned out. My guess is they probably eventually charged. We had a situation recently where a charge paid for medical expenses took about four months to finally get put through! That's a little annoying, because it messes up our accounting a bit, to be waiting for it to be charged, especially because it was a fairly large amount of money.