Free Prescription Glasses!

  1. I'm so happy this deal worked for so many of us! In this economy, it's nice to get a break on the price of something!
  2. I think a 1 mm difference is just wouldn't want a 5mm difference!
  3. my glasses already shipped and should be here Tuesday!
  4. Good to know, thanks!
  5. They're fast! Can't wait to see them!
  6. I had multiple prescriptions and none of them listed the PD. The tool on the site gave me a number so high it wasn't listed even. Lol. What difference does the pd make? *confused*
  7. It can make a significant difference. A prescription is really an angle of glass to refract light a certain way into your eye. The PD is where the center of the lens should be so if it isn't correct, you won't see properly since the light won't be getting to the right part of the eye.
  8. does anyones order say its still being assembled ?
  9. I ordered 3 pairs of designer glasses with upgraded lenses on Sunday night using the Easter promo (for $330 total) and received them all on Thursday morning! I'm so impressed with this company. Thanks so much, OP!
  10. You're welcome!
  11. My free pair came in today with no problems! Still waiting on the pairs that I paid for!
  12. My free pair came in today! I ordered the Katayama. I paid $16.xx only for the s&h.

    Thank you OP!
  13. Oh yea, I forgot to post that I ordered the free pair with no extras, so I paid $16 as well. The lenses are still super thin so no worries for people who didn't select the thinner version!
  14. You're welcome!
  15. We should all post pics of our freebie/cheapy glasses!