Free Photoworks Compact photobook

  1. do you have to be a new member? I'm already a member, but I want the book. :yes:
  2. nevermind, I just saw where I could log in! do you get the code when you order your book? it just logged me in normally.
  3. Hey Sky,

    I think that you have to be a new member :cry: ,

    but you can try my coupon number when you go to the checkout,


    The second code is for 25 free prints, I hope that they work for you!
  4. which book is the one you get for free? I just signed up and am confused-thanks
  5. THANKS! It worked. :flowers: I can't wait to get my book.

  6. Hey Nishi!

    You get the coupon code and then you can get either 1295 discount on any book, or the compact book for free..

    I chose to go for the free one,

    You have to click "Everyday Books" and then "Compact"

    Hope this helps, let me know if you need further instructions.. :P