Free People Jewel Tone Flats

  1. I want to order them but I'm afraid that these flats might run very small.
  2. I know me too. It says to size up a half size though cuz they run small but idk?
  3. i don't know these but i have this style of flat (with the elastic) and I bought two pairs. one in 37 (which is my usual size) and one in 38. I can wear them both but the 38 is a comfy (not large) fit. the 37 is ok but a little tighter.
  4. I've seen them but never ordered them. Are they comfy?
  5. I've definitely checked them out at the store and they are really stiff. I don't think they're that great quality.
  6. hmm did you try them on? Do you know how they fit?:smile:
  7. Awwww cute! Nope dont own any.
  8. they looked so stiff. i saw one and i tried to stretch it with my hand. it was so hard. it looks like it's the type of shoes that will HURT ur feet soo badly.
  9. I got mine today in the mail:yahoo: :yahoo: and I seriously love them! They do feel stiff but they are actually comfortable to me when I wore them.
  10. I got mine on Wednesday and I also love them! I fit a 6.5 but I think it would have been better if i bought them in a 7. I got the silver, plum and emerald. The plum flats I received look like they are the floor sample. The bottoms were badly scratched.
  11. Whats your regular shoe size? I'm a 6.5 but I got the 7...I'm sure I could've fit the 6.5 too. I wish they still had the royal blue in stock cuz I would've gotten those too. Oh and the emerald are so pretty.
  12. How does the 7 feel? Because the 6.5 is tight on my big toe. I ordered a size 6 and it was too small so I gave it to my sister. And I ordered a size 6.5 just in case but now I regret not buying a size 7 too! I would have been happier if i had free shipping or any type of promotion for
  13. The 7 fits me perfect-not tight or anything. The only thing I would be worried about is if they stretch out then I should've gotten the 6.5. I'm not sure how much smaller the 6.5 is compared to the 7 though.