Free Panera Bread Medium Coffee + Free Food Samples with ANY PURCHASE

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  1. Thanks Brit! There is one close to my house so this will work out perfect as a stop on my way to run errands.
  2. awsome gonna grab on way to school!! thanks britt_ash you find the best freebies!!!!
  3. If I drunk
  4. Thanks, I will have to stop by..
  5. Awesome, I love Panera coffee! You have been finding some great deals lately!
  6. Oops, no purchase necessary...:tup:
  7. Thank you for posting this! I just may stop by tomorrow!
  8. Another reason to go out in single digit temps. Thanks!
  9. omgosh, there is one around the corner.........don't feel like leaving the house though
  10. nuts! i missed this! oh well. did anyone else enjoy free goodies?
  11. Dang, I missed it to!
  12. I went and got the coffee, they didn't have any free stuff sitting out except the coffee. While I was leaving some guy came out with a tray of the parfait in small cups. I actually bought one of the normal sized parfait although the actual parfait is 1/2 the yogurt they show in the picture, still good though and I'm sure it was healthy.