Free P&P for tPFers?

  1. Can I put that on an eBay auction? Is it allowed? I want to sell my pastilles chains key ring and for some reason I'd be happier if someone here bought it. Also, I've never worn it so if anyone has an idea of what I should list it for, I paid GBP185 from the store so have the receipt? Don't want to lose out too much. Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. Excuse my ignorance, but what's "P & P"?
  3. postage and packing
  4. Ahh... thanks Kasumi.

    Hmmm... try asking one of the admins, Vlad or Megs. ;)
  5. im not sure what it wouldnt be. what you do on your eBay auctions is up to you, not TPF!

    I will put "A proud TPFer" on anything I might sell.
  6. i think the rules are you can't post the link / promote your own eBay auctions. but i think you are allowed to offer free p&p to tpf members if you'd like :smile:
  7. I think it would be okay as long as you don't post the links anywhere ... but if someone were to search and find it and happened to be a pf member, kwim? I think other people have done this, I know I used to do it back before tpf when I posted on livejournal.
  8. i write, in my auctions, that tpfers should contact me prior to bidding. i either offer them a different bin price or free ship depending on the item. go for it!
  9. it's not up to us, but I don't know if eBay has a rule about discriminating like that{?}
  10. Oh that's a better idea - thanks for that. :yes:

    Thanks all for your help!
  11. I've bought from a member of tPF who offered free shipping to other members outright in the auction title. I would love it if more people from tPF mentioned they were members in their auctions since so many crazy things are happening on ebay lately. I try to add them to my favorite sellers whenever I figure out who they are :yes:

  12. ITA ! at the moment the only auctions i look at without fear are our TPFers` ones ( though after we write it, all the scammers will start putting TPF member on their auctions knowing my luck :cursing: ) ... ladies please do come out ! :smile:
  13. there's been several instances where a counterfeit item on eBay says in the description "Proud Member of the Purse Forum!"
    Buyer beVERYaware!
  14. thanks

  15. there is an easy way around that

    ask for their tpf id them pm through here to confirm, then you can also check out their posts