Free OPI Holiday Exclusive Nail Laquer with $15 OPI purchase at Ulta!

  1. I popped into Ulta today to pick up a bottle of OPI topcoat and I'm Not Really A Waitress Nail Laquer, and I walked out with a free bottle of one of three Ulta exclusive holiday colors! With $15 OPI purchase, you get your choice of a full-size bottle of Merry Merry, Candycane Cutie, or Hip Hop Holly, a $7.50 value! I got Merry Merry. It's a rich fuschia with silver shimmer inside! I found a pic on this LiveJournal community of a set of minis also available just to give you an idea what the colors look like.
  2. Oooh, I love OPI! Do you need a coupon? (and does your ulta have the holiday colors in yet? I'm really wanting Have you seen my limo but my ulta doesn't have it!)
  3. Wow! That's great. I'm going to have to find an Ulta store.
  4. ^^ No coupon necessary. Just go in and buy $15 worth of OPI products and grab a bottle of the holiday color of your choice. When they ring it up, the value of the bottle will automatically be subtracted from your total.

    The Ulta in my area just opened November 19th, so they pretty much have every OPI color imagineable. They also have a sizeable selection of Essie and Orly.
  5. Thank you for posting! I love OPI!
  6. This is awesome! When does it end?
  7. LOL! i just bought that. It's one hot color:lol:
  8. I am not sure, but since this is a holiday promotion, I am going to assume that it won't be around too long. If you're going to go, it probably better to do it sooner, so you can get your choice of the three colors before they're gone.

    I did my nails in the Merry Merry color last night, and it looks awesome! Normally, I am not a fuschia person, but I love this one. It has such a nice shimmer.

    I also picked up a cute set of manicure tools in a mock crock case at Bath and Body Works for $10. Take a look:

    I was having fun last night!