FREE: One dog; bad.

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  1. One expensive pain in the arse free to a tolerant home.
    American Staffordshire Bull Naughty, one year old, (sometimes) answers to any of the following:

    * INDI! STOP IT!
    * NO!
    * Whoooooo diddit?
    * OUT!
    * OFF!
    * Indiiiiiiiiiii! Come! Yummies! Getbackhereyoulittleshit!

    Cute baby pictures to lull you into a false sense of AWWWWWW to sweeten the deal.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    More recent picture indicating false sense of fun owning this animal might give:


    Dog enjoys eating the following:

    * Harvey's jowls
    * Flipflops
    * Your dinner, should you look the other way for a moment
    * Expensive electrical equipment
    * Expensive leather workboots

    Dog enjoys doing the following:

    * Nothing you ask her to do
    * Jumping fences and thieving next door's dog's bones
    * Making herself at home on your bed, and has magical ability of suddenly appropriating a weight 10x her natural mass when you try and move her
    * Ditto: expensive couch, laundry pile, soft cushy outdoor chairs
    * Running through our pond and then charging through the house, leaving a fetching trail of pond slime everywhere
    * Eating beautiful blue-tongue lizards
    * Running up expensive vet bills due to roaming habit including busy roads

    PM with offers of rehoming. I will personally fly this dog to you with a moment's notice. Dog comes with half-chewed doggy coat and assortment of restraint devices.

    You will love her. Guaranteed.. [​IMG]
  2. Is this for real???

  3. Hopefully not, this sounds like a cute attempt at doggie humor.

  4. Er.. yes. :shocked:

    Yes, of course it's for real. It's a very, very serious, very real thread, and I'm surprised - nay, shocked, you'd even ask that question.. :yes:


    No, no it's NOT ACTUALLY REAL - believe it or not! :shocked: - just a desperate moment of wishful thinking inspired by my emergency purchase this morning of a powercharger for my Powerbook and a new iPod, and also several other impending purchases (that we know of) because of events over this weekend involving said dog's jaws and both mine and my partner's workboots... :Push:

    Love the dog, but the darn thing's driving me crazy! You all might remember Indi from the "my dog got hit by a car" saga of last year. She careens from one drama and telling off to another.. our nickname for her is Beelzepup, after Beelzebub the demon. :Push:
  5. for a moment thought it was for real..:P
  6. If you really want this dog's behavior to turn around I would suggest that you work with a trainer. All dogs can be good dogs. It is important that owners be postitive in their interactions yet firm with their dogs. Also, a strict schedule for dogs is good. (Sounds a lot like how to raise kids!)
  7. What a gorgeous dog! Absolutely precious, how can you get mad at a face like that, cute thread... Seriously you should try walking her on a leash daily just for the plain bonding and disipline aspect, which you may already do. It seems she gets to roam a bit with the pond and such, but walking helps with control. Again, she's adorable!:love:
  8. Big LOL - Well we've not exactly been letting her run wild, and then somehow been surprised and disappointed with her cheeky behaviour, DesigningStyle! :rolleyes:

    In fact that's just the thing.. our other dog, Harvey, we did everything the same with, and he's brilliant. There's a thread here on the Dog Whisperer and we've got either that book or a similar one, by a British lady, it's great and is a big part of the reason Harvey's so well behaved. Indi though is a completely different kettle of fish, and is so wilfull that we've had little success with anything we've tried. The biggest thing we do with her is positive feedback training.. everything good she does we reward OTT, and now at least due to this she does come back when called most(!) of the time, but overall her other issues are hard to change.

    Overall one of the funniest things about her that other people, trainers in town and all friends have noted is that she has little interest in people at all. She really stood out from the other puppies because of this, but we bought her interstate and so couldn't meet her before picking her up. She didn't seem interested in us at all for the first few months of her life, and was in fact wholly indifferent to us, interested only in whatever Harvey was doing. No matter how much time we spent on her in different ways she wasn't interested, and it's very hard to train someone who's paying no attention whatsoever to your lessons! Food, toys, other treats, playing, ruffle cuddles, nothing interested her. She's just so different I even started looking up doggy autism! We just couldn't make her out.

    As she's getting older she's started wagging her tail when she sees us now, which as small as it might seem is a BIG improvement for her. She still doesn't give too much of a hoot about us, but sometimes will stop still and allow herself to be cuddled. That's perhaps the hardest thing in bonding with her, she doesn't seem to crave our company or attention at all! Her jumping up onto the bed and couch and things is a big no-no in our house, but I've found myself allowing her to sit on my lap because it's the closest I've ever gotten to having a decent cuddle with her. It makes me all confuddled as well because I don't want to reward her behaviour like that, but I love her to pieces and this is all I can get out of her! So we're chugging along and still doing all the things we've tried along the way, and hoping that as she grows up (2 years to go! haha) she'll become more and more interested in us.

    One of the problems is that she's an absolute athlete - she is very intelligent, and has energy like nothing else, and even though I take her running I still can't tire her. I've posted about her in my fitness blog a few times, she absolutely astounds me. Maybe I'm used to Harvey having to work hard for his money because of his build, he tires quickly and gets hot too fast too, but she's amazing athletically in other ways too. We saw a kangaroo once whilst out running, and she stood up like a human on both back legs, hopping up and down on the spot vertically to keep it in sight. Then she'd move around side to side, still hopping on both back legs, to see where it had gone. Harvey was looking at her like she'd just fallen from outer space, and I doubt my expression was any different! Incredible dog. I really want to bond with her over going out running and having fun together, but work's a pain in that regard as I'm a Paramedic on call out here and so can't go running after work on work days because I can't stray from the truck. On days off I take her as often as possible, and we have a great time, so am hoping this is somewhere in which she'll grow closer to me.

    She's given herself away on her intelligence too.. she'll usually play dumb or just ignore us when we want her to do something, even with treats, but sometimes during the day (and often at dinnertimes) she'll do what we want in an instant, almost doing backflips to go to her bed or sit or lie down, so we know she knows exactly what we want! She shows reasoning that Harvey doesn't have.. when I pick up their bowls at dinner time ready to fill with food, sometimes I don't go anywhere but tell them to sit and wait. Even though they've seen me pick up empty bowls right in front of them and that I've not put anything in, Harvey will see the bowl and think "bowl = food", and rush forward to eat when I put the bowls down. Indi just stares at me like I'm a moron and doesn't move, knowing there's nothing in there. I've tried variations on this and sometimes done their food out on the deck (so they haven't seen me disappear and assume I've put food in), and Indi will watch me like a hawk and will still only go for the food if she's seen me put food in, rather than closely pretend with the same actions. :idea:

    I like trying intelligence and reasoning type games with them like this to see how they think, and have found she's smart in other ways, too. She'll understand which bowl something's under if I put a treat under one and move them around.. like the old "which cup is it under?" carnival trick. With Harvey, if I put something under the middle one and then slowly slide them around, he'll still go for the middle one. Indi watches, and ALWAYS knows where it is. And Harvey's no slouch, either. He's learnt many tricks, he's very keen to learn and being a 'regular' Staffordshire Bull Terrier (as opposed to American Staff.. like Indi) is very driven by praise and food, so we've been able to use that to train him well with great results. Indi however is just another level, she's a freak.

    Sooooo we've a super-smart, tireless doggy with a strong cheeky streak and indifference to pleasing us or working for food or treats..! :Push:

    Hahahaa.. well I still love the dog to pieces, so will battle on. It's frustrating because I admire so much about her, especially her strong will and independance, but she doesn't seem to think much of us at all. There are small signs of progress here and there, like last night I stayed up two hours longer all because Indi curled up at my feet and rolled over and pawed at me to rub her belly for her - OMG success!!! so I kept cuddling her for as long as she'd let me! - but I can't deny that the never-ending battle to keep the moo in the garden is wearying for both us and neighbours.

    As an aside, it's very funny seeing how Harvey and Indi interact. Something interesting I noted was that Harvey comes to us when Indi's doing something naughty - not grovelling when we stop her doing it, but when we don't know she's doing it and she's up to something outside. He comes in all waggy and sheepish, and whenever he does that out of the blue we go out and find Indi up to something. I was really surprised that he's applying his own training to another animal, and drawing a conclusion that way. Well, it's either that or he saw her doing it, thought about doing it himself, realised then that it's bad and then came skulking in! Lol. Anyway, if nothing else it's wonderful learning their doggy psychiatry. :roflmfao:

    We have found a training company in Sydney that offer a money back guarantee in training the untrainable in a week. They've great reviews on a number on independant sites, so we are keeping this in mind as a last resort type effort. Regardless of great reviews however I'm not sending my dog off alone to a strange place with strange people and rules, no matter the guarantee; so if we do this we'll go down with her and spend the week going through the training with her. They do tell you how to carry it on and everything, but I'd be worried sick and so sad for her, plus even though they're supposed to be nice and everything I'd still worry that they use negative type reinforcements with her (which we know don't work), and I don't want her having a hellish week of tell-offs and being in a strange place. I guess of both our dogs she'd be the one to cope with something like that, being so strong and unattached, but we'd definitely go down with her and do it all together. It's pretty expensive though, but we're keeping it in mind.

    What bliss it would be to be able to leave Indi in the garden for more than 5 minutes unattended, without suddenly hearing her playing with other dogs off in the distance, or the <<clatter>> of the front fence as she bounds over the top of it! Hahahaa, I've even set up table and chairs downstairs in the back garden (our deck's out over the front garden) so that I can sit down there with her, ready to say Nooooooooo...!!! when she gets bored and starts eyeing up the fence or next-door's doggy bones! :girlsigh:
    Omg..this was me and RIPLEY 2 years ago...LOLOL

    We call Ripley....SATAN.
    Good news is that they usually calm down and behave.....AFTER RIGOROUS DOG TRAINING SESSIONS....AND ......after eating half your shoes...LOLOLOL

    Ripley,my Shiba Inu is JUST NOW starting to behave but I TOTALLY understand your frustration!!!!!!!!give it 2 YEARS.......ROFL...OMG.
  10. I know, I KNOOOOOWWWWW!!!! Agony, it seriously is. :Push:

    I ALWAYS have that struggle when she's done yet another thing naughty, and my partner's always telling me "don't let her fool you". Welcome to Frankie's World of Pain. Damn you Indi for being such a terror, but so goshdarn beautiful at the same time!!!

    She's still as gorgeous as she's getting older, and best thing is she'll pose for the camera whereas Harvey goes all shy and bashful. I'll upload some more pics, she's still got that gorgeous "who, lil' ol' me??" innocent face as she had when a puppy. I absolutely LOVE those pics of her with their water bucket, those were taken in her first week with us when she was 12wks old.. she was pondering her reflection in the water, and batting it with her feet to see the ripples.. got carried away, and had the biggest look of utter shock when it all tipped over on top of her! I was sitting on the front stairs watching her, and laughed so hard that when I got up to run for the camera my legs melted away and I just sat back down laughing!!! :roflmfao:
  11. Oh no.. hang on.. that's riiight... :idea: ...I can't upload more pics yet because THAT DARN DOG ATE MY LAPTOP CHARGERRRRR!!!!!!!!! Am on work pc right now (*working*, haha!), but my lappy's dead until the new one arrives. :cursing:


    :cursing: :Push: :Push: :cursing: :Push: :hysteric:

    *deep breathing... dee-ee-eeep breathing..*
    That reminds me, time to ask my doc for a new script for valium, benzo's, euthanasia - whatever they'll give me! My poor blood pressure....
  12. I've studied your pictures of this wee pup very closely. Looked deep into her innocent eyes, and have come to the conclusion that surely you must be mistaken. I mean, how is it possible that she is naughty... with a face like that? :angel: I think that she is being "set up" by that evil dog next door. :devil: Yes, that's definitely it. :P

    She is seriously gorgeous.:love:
  13. ^ROFL!!!hahahaha.....i completely think its the cutest dogs that have the devil in them..hehe.I soooo understand her pain.My Ripley is so cute I cant stand it....LOL....but BOY,did he cause some SERIOUS damage to my house and shoes....hehe
  14. Dallas: You are Not. Helping. :nogood:

    If I only had a penny for every time I've gazed as deeply into those *lol* "innocent" *still lolling!* eyes, and tried to fathom that dog out... I'd be Queen of the Hermes Forums!! :rolleyes: :Push:

    Ohhh but yes, she is gorgeous. Little cow knows it too, and puts on the puppy dog eyes everytime she does something naughty. I do little tests to be sure it's her and not Harvey doing the naughties - when I showed Harvey the bits of powercord this morning he just snuffled them and looked confused ("I can't eat these; why you show me these?"); whereas Indi hit the deck, tucked her tail up under her chin from the back to the front, and gazed up at me with Those Eyes, all the while waving one white paw in the air in pathetic surrender. :roflmfao:

    My partner, Dan: "DON'T FALL FOR HER!! She's naughty! iPod eaten naughty! Powercord eaten naughty! NAUGHTY!"
    Me: "..." "But.. but.. AWWWW!!" :tender:

    But the negatives never worked with her anyway - she already knows it's naughty because she melts into the floor, we're not teaching her anything new, but she just doesn't care - as soon as we'd be done telling her off, she'd be back to looking for something else to sharpen her teeth upon. Like "well, I'm jolly glad we've put that behind us.. now, where did you put your tasty flipflops?" :Push:

    Having not caught her in the act it's apparentely not good to tell her off for something she's not actively doing, as (according to the good book of mutt whisperage) dog's won't put two and two together and will become anxious at being told off for nothing. Although I still go along with it that's one part of the book I've never agreed with, as it's quite clear with Indi that she knows damn well what she's done, even days after the fact! I show her things like I'd show her anything she might like to sniff or see, I'm not looking or talking angry, just showing her - and if she's done something bad to it, she goes all floppy and wussy.

    I do wonder how much that dog whisperer person would cost to actually get out here and put her money were her book is? I can prove to her she's wrong on that point, for sure! :P
  15. What a sweetie ;)