free Neutrogena Health Skin Rejuvenator ($40 value)

  1. cool, thanks. I love Neutrogena products.
  2. Awe, what a great offer - sucks to live in Canada at this moment! Enjoy gals!
  3. Thanks! :smile: Hope we get it.
  4. Thank you! Fingers crossed that we all receive one:tup:
  5. Signed up. Thank you :smile:
  6. Thanks, I just signed up!
  7. Thanks! I signed up too. Love neutrogena products.
  8. Cool, thanks! This will make a great Christmas gift for someone on my list ...
  9. thanks! I hope I get it.
  10. awesome, thanks
  11. So nice of you to share!!
  12. Thanks!! I just signed up : )
  13. Thanks, it will be a nice gift if I get it.
  14. thanks. i jus signed up for it.
    do they let you know if they run out of stock ? or will i just have to wait and see if it ever comes or not..?