Free Neiman Marcus Bag.

  1. Neiman Marcus is giving complimentar bags to those who get the offer. You need to have a Neiman Marcus charge card. Here is the beautiful clutch which matches my beautiful Alexander Mcqueen shoes.
  2. ...
    DSC01493.jpg DSC01494.jpg DSC01495.jpg DSC01496.jpg
  3. oh i can't see it :sad2:.......i was waiting for you to post it after you mentioned it in your LV sounds super cute :P

    [edit] oh i see it now.....btw your nails are gorgeous......
  4. Minnie, Where is it? Can't see the pic....can you post again?

    I'm on my way to Neiman's tomorrow!
  5. I got that clutch too! But I gave it to my mom--she thought it was so cute!
  6. The clutch is super cute. love it.:nuts:
  7. Thank you for the pics! The bag is gorgeous! And I love your nails!!!! Where do you get them done? lol
  8. Thank you, in NYC or Fort Lee NJ. If you live around here I could give u the address.
  9. wow, that's really cute! They always have the best gifts. When I first got my credit card there -- almost ten years ago -- I got a great black nylon tote sith their logo that is still in great shape:smile:
  10. that's a pretty clutch!
  11. What a pretty clutch!
  12. Great clutch!!! Sorry I don't have a NM charge but that might be the only one I DON'T have.
  13. That's pretty!