Free Neiman Marcus 2007 Calendar GWP

  1. Use code GIFT during check out, exp. 1/31/07 or while supply last

    I try to combine the free shipping code SALENM and it works :wlae:
    GWP_12.gif GWP_13.jpg
  2. ooh thanks!!!
  3. I can't find it. Do you know the item number?
  4. Got it after typing in "gift". Thanks!!
  5. SALENM is the only code for free shipping that still works. "best" and "welcome" are not valid anymore :sad:( I used "gift" also, but I doubt I will get it because the item I've ordered is on back-order till end of March.
  6. Can't find it.
    Are they gone already?
  7. Ooh thanks!! I just ordered to get mine!!
  8. Thank you for sharing. I just ordered some cosmetics and received free shipping plus the agenda.
  9. Thanks! Just got a pair of sandals at 70% off, the gift calendar and free shipping!
  10. i just tried and said the code "gift" is invalid. i had gotten the email too. when i called the person had put me on hold forever and said if it doesn't work it means they ran out. but already? that's really silly of them if that's the case. anyone else have any luck?
  11. Code "GIFT" is invalid. I guess they have run out.
    Code "SALENM" works, and I got free shiping.
    Thanks for the post!:yes:
  12. GIFT didn't work for me either. Just tried a moment ago. SALENM is still working though.
  13. i just got my calender delivered today. it's a really nice. i love it!
  14. it's dumb how they ran out in 3 days. getting one or not getting one is not a big deal but they should have planned it more accordingly.
  15. *sigh* just tried and GIFT doesn't work anymore...