Free natural minerals.

  1. Thanks! I was ready to give it a try, but found the following.

    Not so free, unless you return the containers in 30 days
    - here'e the fine print:

    Enjoy the convenience of home delivery & lock in savings of 45%

    You have a full 30 days to try your RAWMinerals Discovery Kit. If you enjoy RAWMinerals, do nothing. You'll be billed two low payments of $49.99 on 2/26/2008 and 3/27/2008. That’s a 45% SAVINGS off the retail price.

    Plus, you'll enjoy free enrollment in our SmartShip service. You’ll get a 3-month supply of RAWMinerals Foundations and Active Veil every 90 days and lock in the members-only price of just $19.99 per month billed to your credit card. You SAVE 29% on every shipment! No risk. No obligation. Cancel anytime!

    If for any reason during the 30-day trial period you are dissatisfied with your Discovery Kit, simply return the products (even if the jars are empty). You will NEVER be billed and you will receive NO future shipments. Your free brushes — a $73.00 value — are yours to keep even if you cancel.
  2. yea its TOTALLY not worth it. You can only cancel after 30 days if you ship the stuff back, which is not worth the hassle, or paying return shipping.
  3. Yeah Sorry girls, I got excited and posted before I got to the payment part and read all the rules and stuff :shame:
  4. Sometimes they get you... I was up late one night when the airbrush make up infomercial came on...maybe cuz I was half asleep I went for the okey doke.. 29.99... I texted all of my friends that they had to try it cause it looked so cool. I went to the actual site and it was actually 350!!!! The 29.99 was just like the above...a teaser!
  5. THEY SHOULD BE:banned:

  6. loved their sample kit!
  7. I just ordered the sample kit! Yay :greengrin:
  8. thanks cola...I'm going to order it too!
  9. oooh i want to order one too, does anyone know how big the sample is or how long it last you?