Free Mj Tote!!

  1. tnx for the tip!
  2. what kind of MJ tote do you know??
  3. sorry I have no idea
  4. It's this one.[​IMG]
    MJ tote.jpg
  5. I just bought two sale dresses and used the code! Thanks though they sure gouge you on shipping ($16). It's BS to have to spend that much to try dresses on that I don't even know will fit!

    The good news is, the Customer Service rep from Live Chat told me that I can return the dresses in-store if they don't fit and I still get to keep the gift!
  6. pghandbag, if you call them instead of doing live chat, they'll often take off the shipping charge even if you use another coupon code!
  7. You're totally right! I just called and they credited the shipping without question!!

    Thanks so much for the suggestion!
  8. I ordered a dress and called back for the shipping refund. They did for me this time but said next time only one coupon can be applied. Anyhow, got it free this time.
  9. Doh, forgot to order it from ebate to get the 3%. Oh, well. It's already a pretty good deal.