Free MetroCard - Select dates near select stations

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  1. "Want a free ride with that donut? Over the next month, Dunkin’ Donuts is making the morning commute a little brighter for New Yorkers by providing free subway rides at four of Manhattan’s busiest subway stations. The giveaway is a component of Dunkin’s newly launched “You Kin Do It!” campaign to encourage everyday workers to keep America running during these tough times.
    Dunkin’ Donuts representatives will hand out free Metrocards between 6:30 am- 9:30 am on the following dates, outside these stations:

    • Monday, January 12th- Lexington Ave/ 53rd Street
    • Tuesday, January 20th- 14th Street/ Union Square Station
    • Monday, January 26th- Grand Central Station
    • Monday, February 2nd- Times Square/42nd Street"

  2. Go Dunkin!!!!Thanks for sharing.
  3. Interesting promo. I assume they are $2 or single use cards?

    If it was a monthly unlimited, that would be a whole different ball game!
  4. wow, this is awesome! too bad none of the locations are near wall street =(
  5. Hmmm, I wonder where the one in GCT is. Of course, I know where the two Starbucks locations are, but not DD's. Unless of course they mean the one that's around the corner from it.
  6. They should give away free coffee and donuts!!!
  7. nice!