Free MbyMJ tote at w/ $300 purchase

  1. You can get a free MbyMJ tote at when you spend $300 or more on MbyMJ women's apparrel. See the front page of for details and a pic of the tote.
  2. Eeks... must stay away! I have no willpower.... crap!
  3. ^^^^ lol thithi
  4. Don't feel bad thithi..I don't have any either!! :nuts:
  5. I think the tote is cute - must stay strong ...

  6. haha i already bought a dress & top this morning to get the tote. too bad i don't know how to get them to combine coupons for a free giftcard as well.
  7. ohh that tote is the PERFECT size! I have it in a different print and I love it, definitely worth it!
  8. How much was your MbMJ tote?
  9. ^ the retail price for the secret garden tote in the same style was either $228 or $238
  10. What if you did the offer and then the clothing didn't work out and you wanted to return part of your order. Would you need to return the bag as well? I'm always worried about ordering clothing online.