Free LVs a myth or reality?

  1. Hi everyone! I have just now read yet another story about someone who received a free LV from customer service when they complained about a rude SA.

    Does this really happen? Or is it a cruel urban legend that is perpetuated in our dreams?
  2. umm, can I see the story? If the story's from a legit celebrity or soemthing, then it might be true, otherwise for us earthlings-->NO!!!
  3. hmmm... interesting...
  4. whoa. time to try n complain! lol.
  5. If you're talking about the bookmark it's because it's a VIP gift.
  6. It might be an urban legend, however I do remember someone has received a free MC bookmark after they complained about customer services.
  7. No it isn't the bookmark. I've never heard that one. This latest story was on the eBay purse thread titled terrible LV service, or something like that. I have also read similar stories here and there on this forum.
  8. I doubt it, stores are pretty much forbidden to give actual stock away for free, hence the reason they have the certain gifts they give away when they screw up (like the bookmark, pick up sticks, etc.).
  9. i've been given free stuff. stuff that is normally for sale to the general public, such as the City Guides a couple of years ago and the Icons book just last Xmas. but it wasn't to placate me for terrible service or anything like that :yes:
  10. My educated guess would be urban legend.
  11. I'm not sure how true is that, and I'm curious too. :yes: But if I remember correctly, I did read 1-2 threads here on getting something free when someone complained about very poor customer service.
  12. I received a mc bookmark as a gift to say sorry for the poor service I received. Bags? I wish! I doubt it, i agree with babydoll, thats why LV have little gifts so they dont have to give away actual bags! It probably cost nothing for LV to make bookmarks etc, so for them its fine!
  13. I wish it was true, I have had a couple of instances of bad service!
  14. I don't really think so...
  15. urban legend for sure!