"free" louis vuitton, fendi, gucci, coach or $200

  1. I am currently doing a few "freebie sites," which is where you sign up with the site's sponsors and refer a certain number of people to do the same, and once you get enough people to sign up, you get something free!!

    I'm doing a website for a "free" Louis Vuitton mini pochette, but you can also choose from some Fendi, Gucci, or Coach bags, or simply get $200 paypal. I need to refer 5 people to sign up and complete an offer (most are easy and free trial offers with companies like stamps.com, aol, earthlink, etc). If you are interested in signing up under me , please pm me for my referral link! :smile:

    sorry if this is not allowed, I will delete it! :Push:
  2. I have known a few people who got involved with these sites,and quite honestly,it's a scam and you will start getting TONS of spam to your email account,not to mention never winning any of the stuff they promise.Remember:if it seems too good to be true,it usually is.
  3. that site with the free pochette, I did their free iPod and I really recieved my 30g video black iPod, so it is legit. As for the bags being real, I'm not sure. I don't imagine they would give you a fake.
  4. The free ipods do work so you never know! The spam on your account will get ridiculous & there is no way to stop it though so beware!! Let us know how it turns out!
  5. Did you also get SPAM galore??
  6. all the spam goes to my junk box in my email. It doesn't bother me, I just delete it all.
  7. Well, I actually have done of one of their other sites, the ipod, and I did get an iPod! I suggest you just create a new email account to deal with the spam! I have that problem too! I used my personal email to sign up for a lot of freebie sites, just to look at the offers, and now I have 6,000 spam and counting... it doesn't bother me, I created a new account.

    well someone let me know if they'd be interested! they *do* send you a 'real' louis vuitton, they order it from eluxury :biggrin:
  8. About the Ipod thing, did they call you or bother you or anything? :unsure: I've heard nasty rumours, which are probably not true but yeah... and I don't think I can do the handbag thing here in Canada (darn it! :P) :unsure:
  9. No, they didn't call me or anything D: unfortunately you DO need a shipping address in the US!