"Free Louis Vuitton" ads- etc etc etc

  1. I am NOT even tempted to give it a shot, but I'm just curious if anyone ever has- you know the ads- when you get on eBay or some other website you might see a banner ad that claims you'll get this free LV or Coach or some other exciting thing- but you have to complete 6 offers or whatever- has anyone ever tried this just to see what happens ?? My first thought is always SCAM but I'm just wondering if anyone has ever taken a chance.....
  2. I have a friend who is trying for a Mac notebook. She hasn't completed all of the offers yet, but she has several friends who have gotten the computer.
  3. so it acctually works? i think you have to do surveys and acctually order things (and pay for shipping even though most of the offers are free also)

    i would also be interested in anyones feedback as to how those things work!
  4. I think it works but its such a hassle to get it.
    You have to complete like four offers..and usually something like credit card application, or subscription to somthing that is not cheap.
    Then you have to get at least two of your friends to sign up for different four offers each as well.
    Thats the hard part :smile:
  5. I know of someone who has gotten three ipods already and one LV purse. I have no idea if it's real or not. I signed up but OMG the amount of junk mail you get is astronomical. A lot of them are credit cards and things. It's not just surveys. You have to actually buy things from places and sometimes make purchases to be counted as participating in an offer. You'd probably be better off to just buy the item upfront. lol
  6. I guess a $2,000 computer is worth that much junk mail :p. I would just be too afraid that it's all scam, and I end up with junk mail and no free goodies.