Free Lip Gloss

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  1. thanks
  2. I just saw this on too, but thanks for sharing! I love freebies! :heart:
  3. It seems like we have to go to the store to redeem it, and when I do a search for stores the only ones that show up are in CA
  4. Ulta carries the line too. :smile:

    Thanks so much OP!
  5. No stores near me either.. :tdown: Great deal for those with a nearby store tho!
  6. thanks!
  7. Thanks!!!
  8. I wonder if Ulta will take it? If they will, that is a great deal!

    Cheryl- if Ulta does take it, there is one in Citrus Park...
  9. thanks!!
  10. I hope Ulta will accept it!:tup:
  11. Thanks for the freebie!
  12. Thanks! I imagine Ulta would take it since they are listed as a supplier when you sign up for this, if not, they're being poopy! :blah:
  13. Cool! I've got an Ulta just down the street! Thanks OP!
  14. Thanks!