Free Kiehl's Sampler at NM

  1. With any purchase you get a free Kiehl's sampler with the code: GIFT
  2. I love Kiehl's!
  3. Is this only online? Or can you give the code to the SA? Thanks.
  4. I believe it's only online.
  5. what's in the sampler?
  6. thanks for the post
  7. thx..i love kiehl's:smile:
    hope I could get the lip balm sample..anyone knows what do they give?
  8. Thanks! It was just in time for my winter purchases!:smile:
  9. i love Kiehl's too, that and Aveda!!
  10. Does this code still work? I just tried it but I could seem to get it to work or combine it with free shipping.
  11. i tried to use it yesterday but it didnt work for me. i just got free shipping
  12. couldnt get it work anymore... it used to before 11/6