FREE JAMBA BREAKFAST! Tuesday, April 08!

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  1. love it, thanks!
  2. wow!! thank you, i'm going to head over there right now!!!
  3. I forgot about this!
  4. i went this morning. lovely JJ worker gave me my smoothie i wanted for free in addition to the granola. Great morning!
  5. I got the Berry Topper this morning, that was awesomeness in a cup!
  6. Darn, I didn't wake up early enough for this!
  7. darn! i forgot about this!
  8. Aw man.. I forgot!
  9. I was there this morning and got me some of the new breakfast granola thingys. Later on, around 11 am they came to work with a bunch of smothies. So I had one of those too... mm. TY jamba Juice for doing this!!