Free Insertion Fees 8/15 Tomorrow!!!

  1. Tomorrow is the day!!! eBay will be bombarded by stuff starting tomorrow :smile:
  2. It isn't "free". There are alot of strings attached. Sellers read the eBay announcements.

    It would not work for me except maybe on a wristlet...
  3. Ahhh shoot...I didn't really read the fine print on it!
  4. link please! TIA
  5. Yes, link please! I wanted to list some stuff too.
  6. that was the catch, need to list it w/ low starting price...
  7. Feh. That $9.99 thing kills me. No way, not for what I sell.
  8. Yeh, I wanted to list some small stuff but there is a potential hurricane headed in the direction of where I live...Florida! Again! So, I don't know if I should risk listing things with life (as I know it) so uncertain. This is gettin' old!
  9. This promotion is a joke.
  10. Aaawww, I was all excited, but it's really nerve wracking for me when I list items with a super low price- the one time I did, I luckily was very successful, but still it made me really worried because just a few hours before the auction end it was still not selling well.
  11. I've got some cheapie stuff (things that aren't bags) that I can do this with :smile: After selling 5K worth of stuff in the last week I am hating eBay and their fees LOL
  12. so what about listing very low but with a reserve? (not for handbags, but other items) is it worth it?
  13. I hate they always do that. Same as the 14% final value fee reduction, in the end you save probably 30 cents per listing. That's false advertising!! :tdown:
  14. Can we use a reserve but still qualify for no insertion fees? I thought about doing it for some of my items, but couldn't chance listing them at 9.95 with no reserve.