Free Hermessences


Believing in Magic
Feb 27, 2006
I have two small bottles of hermessences to give away--I bought the four scent sampler, and two of them were too heavy for me. I have used each once.

I would like them to go to someone that likes these scents...

The two are:
Poivre Samarcande
Ambre Narguile

I will send them both to one person, or one each to separate tpfers.

They will go to the first to respond to this thread. All I ask is that if you don't like them when you get them, please pay it forward and give them away again.

If you are the first to respond, please PM me with your mailing address!

Good luck!
Dec 28, 2007
Jardin sur Le Toit
You are so sweet! I was given Poivre Samacande also. I too cannot take strong scents and am only trying my samples of Rose Ikebana and Osmanthe Yunnan when my cold goes away. Perhaps there will be 2 lucky ladies out there who will love these 2 scents.


Jun 8, 2007
This is so sweet of you, CK! I got a sampler of them from my SA and it had the Vetiver and the Ambre. I'm hoping to find the rose ikebana, I hear it's lovely!

I was in the boutique today playing with Hermessences. I deliberately left my perfume off this morning so I could try one on - I tried Rose Ikebana and I love it. At first I wasn't sure, but as it has warmed up on my skin, I've decided that I am in love and I need a bottle! The Poivre Sac...(forgot the second word) has VERY heavy pepper notes and wasn't to my personal taste. I'm going to check out the Ambre as I got a sample of that, which my SA recommended. I'm so glad H decided to make a go of trying to be more visible in the perfume world!


FYI I am a guy
Apr 20, 2006
i love OY but my fav is VT

That's very sweet of you ck21, thank you for giving me some faith in the kindness of humanity.