Free Hermes Ribbon

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  1. I've got a pile of Hermes ribbon.

    First response who wants it, gets it!

    PM mailing address. Thanks.
  2. we've had a response! Mods, please close this thread and thank you!
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    I will take it!! How much? Is it 100% authentic? About how much do you have?

    xxx please do not post personal information. this is a very public forum! thx
  4. I love H Ribbon! I use it for all sorts of projects where the ribbon matters (like for hair ribbons, Christmas ornaments, etc).

    I have also used it for hanging pictures, and have a huge amt. invested in a current new project. We'll see how that comes out.
  5. Closing this, the ribbon long ago found a happy home ...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.