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  1. A while back I did the YFDB (and got screwed) and Topconsumerrewards (and actually got a LV) and I was wondering if anyone had come across anymore sites like that? I'd love to get another bag-the LV ended up costing me $36 in offers! TIA!
  2. Was the LV you got even real? I've always been wary of ads like that.
  3. Yes, it came directly from Elux and i returned it for a store credit and got something else. So it was definitely real. I'm very wary, which is why I came to the bag experts!
  4. These things surprise me, I can't believe there are actually legit ones out there. But a friend of mine just sold a Mac laptop that she received from doing these offers, and she got $1600 for it. Amazing...
  5. We got a ipod on one a few years ago. I have always been tempted to do the purse ones also, but scared - HMMMM maybe I out to try!

  6. but be careful to read the privacy statements.

    This is what I found, Califronia residents can opt not to share with third parties under California law.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, we agree not to share the social security number of California State residents with third parties without first obtaining their consent to do so pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the California Financial Privacy Act ("CFPA")

    Doesnt that mean if you dont opt out, your SSN will be shared?
    I dont know, it's whole bunch of Jargon there but they definately sell your information to third parties.
  7. I can't believe you guys actually got the stuff. I have started a bunch of those survey things and then get so frustrated because they're never-ending. And now my e-mail gets flooded with spam. But if you can really get the stuff, I guess it's worth it.
  8. I never knew you actually got legit stuff from those surveys. I'd still be wary of actually giving them my info though. I also wonder if the "gifts" were stolen.
  9. What site was it that you gave you the LV bag? And what happened after you signed up for those offers? My friend did something like this and did in fact get an ipod. So some do work I guess. But you did get scammed by one? What exactly happened? Sorry for all the Q's, but I'm just trying to be cautious if I want to try one of those. TIA!
  10. With Greg and the Ipod - he signed up for a credit card, a coffee mail-order place, and I think a forth but not sure. We had to wait a while for everyone to report back that he did sign up and not cancell right away. He kept checking back and I think it took about 8 weeks to get the Ipod. I was very much against it, thinking it was a scam, but it worked.

    We kept open the credit card, we needed another as a backup. We cancelled the coffee and blockbuster after the 30 day trail period, which was stated you would be able to do.

    A few months later he did try another one for a TV, but it just got to complicated.

    The only thing he would suggest is to use or make a email account on or something along those lines, that can take the spam if you start to get it. Or make an email address that you can close and not loose any important emails.

    In our case we did have a very good experience.

  11. I did one of those sites before (got in in YFDB before they started making it impossible to get the bag). It cost me about $40 plus maybe like...$50 in taxes, but I got a $1600 bag from eLuxury. I ended up returning it to get a bunch of other stuff from eLux. I also got like $125 in paypal "cash" from another site.

    The reason they need your SS# is that for "prizes" over a certain dollar amount, you have to declare the stuff you get on your taxes. At the end of the year, they send you a W-2.

    It was definitely worth it, but it requires a LOT of time and organization to make sure you cancel all of the offers. I did it in college so I had plenty of free time during the day.
    I also had to really ride my referral to make sure she was doing all the offers, too.

    Unless you're really on top of things, it's very hard to actually get the free stuff.
  12. I got free ipods for me and my s.o. This was a few years ago now but I basically was able to work it because it was some stupid internet pyramid scheme where if you got enough referrals to sign up, you got a free ipod. Like I said, I got two out of it and a few of my referrals also got them so it worked out in the end but it was quite a hassle at the time.

    I didn't mind the grunt work because I was working an office job that was super slow during my time there so I had nothing to do but surf the net and occasionally photocopy.
  13. Good thread. I've always trashed offers like this thinking they were a scam. Guess I'll have to pay attention to any that show up in the future.
  14. Those sites are all pyramid schemes. You do offers but get others to sign up too. Or you get into some conga line. Either way, the person who makes the site gets the $. What you get is some credit report pulls and other nasty things on your credit report since lots of the freebie signups are credit cards and such. I know some people who started those sites. They're like in high school. They start it, get companies to make offers, and they get paid commision, and buy the item to give as the prize. It's legality is very iffy. All of those kids closed the sites after they earned enough money to do whatever they wanted to do (in these cases, money for electronics, etc).
  15. I did YFDB and received a checl fpr $1500 May 2006!! I haven't done another one since that and I never signed up for a credit card or anything for that one!
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