free greenies...

  1. Just check out their website and sign up for a free greenies sample and $3 coupon! :smile: - Welcome

    My Howie loves these! :smile: And who doesn't love free, right? We all win! Our pups and our wallets! :smile:
  2. I used to give my cat greenies treats, but I heard that they are really bad and the treats don't dissolve like normal treats/food. So it major problems. After doing some research, I did some experiments comparing greenies with other treats, to see which one would dissolve faster. I also watched my cat's activity very closely. I didn't really like the results that I saw, so I stopped feeding them to my cat.

    I don't want to discourage people from buying them, so if you really insist on giving these treats, please be careful and make sure your dog/cat is adequately chewing the treats.
  3. ^^^Ditto,These are a definite no-no in my house :yes: .
  4. I heard Greenies were BAD for your pets and I have never purchased any. I read on another web site where they were in the works for Banning them.
  5. I know that if the dog does not chew it up properly, then it'll become bad... and this is pretty much the only thing bad I know about Greenies. Is there anything that's worse than this?
  6. I used to buy them all the time and when I heard all of this I stopped. Especially when my bigger Poodle took a large one and ate the thing in a minute. I just feel unsafe right now until we hear more.
    The last free offer I receieved from Greenies touted a new and improved formula (???) Is it really or just a ploy to get you to think they are constructed differently. My poodles will gnaw gently around a big Pigs ear for days and days and never take big hunks so I feel safer with this knowing it is more digestable. No Green Clay in my dogs intestines!
  7. Same. The last thing I need is a bowel obstruction :/
  8. There are greenies cookies too which might be better for dogs with digestive issues on the normal greenies.