Free Full Size Cosmedicine Eye Cream from Sephora!

  1. "Free, full-size Cosmedicine Opti-mologist PM Intensive Eye Cream with any online skincare purchase - A $48 value! While supplies last. Offer not available in stores, in Canada, or on previous purchases"

    Use code "beautysleep"

    I ordered a $10.00 lip balm from Bourjois and it worked!!
    Happy Shopping!
  2. Wow thanks! that is an awesome deal!!
  3. Thanks loriw....what is the name of the lip balm you ordered? I'm looking for a good one, My lips are so dry in the winter....
  4. Baume de Nuit Night Lip Balm

  5. That was quick!
    I'm going to order now...
  6. THanks! is there free shipping?
  7. Awesome! I got one too. Thanks.
  8. Free shipping over $75 - can't combine codes on sephora
  9. Awesome! I love Cosmedicine. Thank You!!
  10. Thanks! I picked up a travel size Bliss body butter and got the cream!
  11. Thanks for posting this!!! I just placed an order and got all these things for less than $12.50
    Rosebud Rosebud Salve
    Samples - Chanel Platinum Egoiste Pour Homme Eau de Toilette - 0.03 oz
    Samples - Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Eau de Parfum - 0.05 oz
    Samples - Fendi Palazzo Eau de Parfum - 0.03 fl oz
    Deluxe Samples - Dior Homme Eau de Toilette - 0.34 oz
    Happy Birthday Gorgeous! - Bliss Naked Body Butter 1.7 oz
    Cosmedicine Cosmedicine Opti-mologist PM Intensive Eye Cream Gift With Purchase
  12. Just ordered Dior eyeshadow with this. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for sharing! I picked this up with Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturizer! And got lots of free samples :smile:
  14. How is the Hope in a Jar? I want to try it..but not sure if it is worth the $$
  15. I love Hope in a Jar, but unless you really need it, don't get the dry skin one. It's too greasy IMO.

    Thanks for the code! I was going to buy Cargo Eye-Lighter anyway (saw a suggestion about it yesterday on tPF), so I used the code! I got both for less than $25 with shipping! Awesome! I'm not too good about eye creams, etc., but I'm 30 now, so I need to start. Luckily I have good skin so far, but I can't wait to try the Cosmedicine eye cream!