FREE Full-Size Bag of Flat Earth Crisps

  1. Saw this ad at the top of the forum! You just print the coupon, and redeem at a grocery store. Some of the flavors look yummy - Garlic and Herb, Tomato Ranch, Apple Cinnamon.
  2. very cool!! I've never seen these before?
  3. I saw that ad all through yesterday, but I've never seen the chips at my grocery store...
  4. They are delicious! They are basically baked fruity chips!
  5. i used this coupon a few days ago.

    got the tomato ranch one

    it was sooo goood!!!!!!!!!!

    i printed out another 1. lol
  6. thanks for the coupon! i printed it out and will try it :tup:
  7. where are you ladies finding these?
  8. I've gotten these before at Ralphs in Southern California. The apple cinnamon were really good. Unfortunately most grocery stores I go to don't take printed coupons anymore.
  9. i also love the tomato chips!

    try going to a target. that's where i discovered them. yum!
  10. lol! i saw this on my email banner. maybe ill get some if i go to target. its a hassle to download the coupon printing thing so itll print though.
  11. im eating the strawberry one right now. reminds me of a milky strawberry yogurt. lol.
  12. They are delicious .... but ..... oh, the calories. You can't stop once you start eating them. Portion control goes out of the window.
  13. I had the cheddar ones today...I have never saw them in the grocery store before. Although I have to agree, once you start eating them, you can't stop...I finished the whole bag in one day...oops :drool:

    Thanks for the coupon!
  14. I just saw them in my absolutely Bufu, IL grocery store (IGA). If we have it, I'm SURE there's something around you that has it..
  15. sweet deal, thanks!