Free Fragrance Sample on

  1. I'm not sure if its the same one that some of you ladies have been getting, but I was playing around with my "shopping bag" pretending how much damage I can do for the PCE, and noticed that a little box next to the total amount says:

    But now I'm kicking myself cuz I made an order yesterday!! and this didnt show up. :push: Hopefully, I get one cuz my order is still "in the warehouse"
  2. i got a tiny sample bottle whe i went to the boutique today (too bad i have a cold and can't smel it at the moment).

    i hope you'll get one too. otherwise, a shopping trip MAY be in order for you(hehehe).
  3. My order is "in the warehouse" too, hopefully they'll throw one of those in. Although I'm not that impressed with the fragrance (although I'd like to see how it smells on my skin), so it won't be too big a deal if I don't get one.
  4. Oh maybe I will get one as well!!:wlae:
  5. I placed an order this weekend as well! I'm calling the 800# tomorrow to request a sample if they haven't thrown one in already!
    I spend my hard earned $$ at Coach! Why not throw in a sample??