FREE film processing!!

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  1. Like my other threads say, I'm always looking for coupons, or good deals for my blog readers and sometimes I'll stumble upon something sooo great I just have to tell all my tPF friends.. SOOOO here's another!!

    Got extra filming laying around?? (Most of us don't because we use digital cameras now) If you do take them tomorrow to Walgreens (08/06/08) and get free film processing!! Enjoy!!

    Walgreens Free Film Processing
  2. Hey thanks I can use this!
  3. Ahh, thank you for the coupon. I have an old underwater disposable camera that i've been meaning to develop. :smile:
  4. OMG, just my luck! I have a disposable camera from my high school project grad (they gave us all disposables). Most of my friends' photos turned out crappy, so I didn't want to waste money on developing.... fine print says "except Hawaii"! :cursing: :sad:
  5. :tdown: Sorry, a lot of coupons say except Hawaii and Alaska!! Sucks!! :sad:
  6. Thanks, I've been meaning to get some rolls developed!
  7. I just took my film. Thanks so much for posting this offer.

  8. Actually the fine print says that Hawaii is on the 11th for free disposable camera.
  9. Awesome! I have film laying around that I accidentally exposed, now I can see if anything turned out.
  10. Thanks for the great coupon! I'm off to drop mine film off.
  11. I have some old rolls laying around. I don't even remember what's on them! I will be fun to find out. Thanks!