FREE Facial at Clarins

  1. tnx for the tip!
  2. thank you
  3. n/p
  4. thanks for the coupon. I used it the other day and it was really soothing. He even gave me a neck massage.. lol I was lucky on the day because this dude travels to all Clarins and he was from NY, he was also a celebrity makeup artist. He taught me how to put make up on. It was aweseome. He told me he had done Beyonce's makeup and other fashion models in NY. He was pretty cool. I think his name was Ryan something lol ... Thanks again.. I think I'm gonna get another facial from a different Clarins. :biggrin:
  5. i called and they said u have to buy 2 products to receive it for free.. is that true msjennie?
  6. Im glad it worked out for you ;)
  7. i didn't have to buy anything. I just gave them the certificate and BAM i get a free facial :smile: but i think i am going to buy some of the products once i get paid from my job though. the product made my skin more better than before, I think. It was really nice.
  8. Thanks! I'll try it out this weekend...
  9. I hope I don't have to buy anything! I don't ususally use their products, but would love a free facial!
  10. i called 4 different macys around my area and 2 Nordstrom.. they said the same thing.. maybe my area.. :sad:

    maybe i'll buy some eye shadow and liquid eye liner :sad: