Free Everyday Minerals Sample Makeup Kit!

  1. Free Sample Mineral Makeup Kit from Everyday Minerals. All you have to pay for is shipping, which is very inexpensive! You get 3 sample mineral foundations, 1 sample mineral concelar and 1 sample blush.

    I got this info from the lovely ladies over at the beauty bar forum! Thanks! (I just ordered mine!)
  2. I ordered a sample kit a couple months ago after reading some great reviews on it at Makeupalley..... love this stuff, much cheaper than Bare Minerals and has wayyyy more shades to select from. (Plus, the free samples last a long time!)
  3. thanks for the heads up! i just bought the BE kit yesterday but i'm thinking of returning it if this stuff is better.
  4. I got my free sample last week. The only problem is that the sample containers are really small, so it helps if you have some empty containers from other brands to use instead. So far, the brands seems really great.
  5. thanks for letting us know about the free sample. I am going to order mine now.
  6. I bought this kit last month and LOVE it! You can go to their site and pick 5 colors and they come packed full in little hard plastic containers. I like this better than BE...this brand does not make me itchy and the color range is fab! Try it out for sure if you like MMU :smile:
  7. thanks for the heads up! i just ordered a kit
  8. I got my sample kit on Monday and so far, I love it. I'm going to order full sizes soon for sure.
  9. thanks! i just ordered some. i'm currently using BE right now and hopefully this can be a good cheaper alternative
  10. I just ordered a start up kit, with 10% off coupon (on their site). Can't beat the price! Waiting for it to come.
  11. cool! i ordered mine now. I have never used products like this before, so i'm excited to try it! for 4 bucks shipping, can't beat that deal!
  12. Cool. Thanks for posting.
  13. thanks for posting this! i've always wanted to try mineral foundation. If I love it, I'll order the full-size!
  14. What is the freight charge, I filled out everything, but I didn't want to give out my credit card info until I knew what the freight charge was? Anyone???
  15. I believe it was $3.97 shipped by USPS. I just ordered mine! Thanks for posting this!!!