Free Enterprise Week

  1. I'm going there in the 2nd week of July. Basically, it's a business simulation where a group designs and markets a product. I'll be there from the 7th to the 14th and it's at a college, so I'll be staying in a dorm every day.

    At the end, there's an "Executive dinner" and the dress code specifically says what's acceptable. I'll probably wear a skirt suit for that.

    Everything else is described as "casual" Because I'll be around a whole new set of people - and I won't get looks of "whore" from my parents for wearing heels - I want to be a bit more eccentric in my style, comfortable, but not TOO overdressed compared to my peers.

    Things I'll probably include:
    - Band t-shirts. Mine are all quite obscure, making for good coversation pieces.

    - Bags. Not too many - a clear tote with silver trim, maybe my LV, maybe a larger messenger bag if I end up carrying a lot of things around.

    - Bikini. Either my D&G or my tiger-print one [we have a pool party at one point]

    - Shoes. Different flats, pink patent "Barbie Malibu dream shoes", patent leather Doc Martins [in case it rains], Adidas shoes for the obligatory gym class.

    I'm stuck on what kind of pants to wear. Like I said, I don't want to be over-dressed, but not too bland. Any other suggestions?