Free Email Accounts

  1. Do you think they are professional looking? And if so, which one?

  2. No, they are not professional looking. If you intend to use an account for business, it is worth it to buy a domain name so you can use the affiliated email address. It doesn't cost much and will make your business seem that much more legitimate and credible.
  3. This isn't in regard to a business email account. I am talking in general. I know many people don't see Yahoo or Hotmail as professional. Many consider Gmail to be more professional looking, etc.
  4. Oh, I apologize... I misunderstood. Just curious: if you're using it for personal email, why does it need to be professional looking? I guess I don't understand what you mean. I'm only really familiar with gmail, that's what most of my friends use. I like that it doesn't have ads or anything at the bottom, until AOL or Yahoo.
  5. Using your personal account to send emails to different companies, use on resumes, used for school, etc...that is what I am talking about.
  6. ^^^
    Oh, I see.

    I would go with gmail. As I said, for the reason that it doesn't have like "Sent from AOL!" or "Use Yahoo Search!" at the bottom of the emails. It doesn't say anything at all.
  7. I use gmail for my more "professional" account, and others for less formal correspondence. Most people I know seem to be use gmail in this way.
  8. I agree that gmail would be the best option.
  9. Thanks everyone for your input.

    AOL used with Outlook, takes the ads at the bottom away.
  10. I see -- well if you're using outlook, anyway, what's the difference? I imagine Yahoo or Hotmail ads would disappear, too.

    Save yourself the trouble of setting up your POP account through Outlook and get gmail. It's a very good interface, I think you'll like it!
  11. it's fine as long as you have a professional-sounding username. it should be as close to your real name as possible. this sounds obvious but we get so many people wanting to be interns at my work using emails that make them seem immature.
  12. This was a question asked to me,so I thought I would ask others their opinions.

    As for free emails that have ads, AOL is the only service you can use(for free) with Outlook, Hotmail/Yahoo require you purchase the premium service.
  13. I use Gmail because of the large space that they give for free :smile:
    There are other good perks like GChat and their effective spam filtering.:tup:
  14. Yes, gmail is the best option, IMO. You could also check out, which is based in Australia, and has some fun features. It offers a bit more privacy than gmail does.
  15. Has anyone gmail account started to be spammed with this crap you get in hotmail or yahoo?