Free digital perm in New York!

  1. Not sure if this is allowed but...

    Ready for those loose sexy curls/waves for the Winter?

    The Redken Technical Development Center is developing a new digital permanent wave service for all hair types. Please join us for this new technology texture service that will leave your hair with curls and waves. The appointment will take about 3 1/2 –4 hours. The digital perm can leave you with samll curls or a stylish loose is up to you.

    Here is our availability, schedule your appointment now:

    - Febuary 8th, February 15, February 22, February 29 at 9am or 1:30pm

    If you are interested and would like to schedule an appointment, please come in on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 9-1 or 2-5pm to fill out paperwork and be evaluated. You may e-mail to set up a time to come in or you can come in.

    We can not perm hair that has been colored in the past 2 weeks and Please note we cannot take any client with hair longer than 4 inches past your shoulders. Please confirm your hair is within the required hair length

    Happy Curls!

    L'Oreal Institute of Professional Products

    15 Mercer Street

    between Grand and Canal


    I want to try it.. but my hair is longer than 4 inches past my shoulders!! Anyone??
  2. wow - if anyone does it they have to let us know :smile:
  3. i wish they have this in San Francisco. this is exactly what i want to do with my hair this year
  4. Ahhh man!! I would go try it but my hair is way past the 4 inches...:crybaby:
  5. my hair is too long for this. what is a digital perm?
  6. I got a digital perm last year. It creates a nice wave (bigger curls than a perm) and the curls loosen as the months go on. It should last about a year or a little longer. I just wanted body and a bit of curls (think of those models in the Victoria Secret fashion show) so I just got loose curls done.

    The digital perm is already popular in Asia and I guess it's just hitting N. America now. For those that can't get a free one, try an Asian salon. It'll be cheaper and they should have more experience. I went to a Korean salon and paid about $200 (my hair was up to my waist).
  7. I have hair thats a little past my shoulders, I would totally do it too! I live in Jersey, so I might go up and get evaluated. I'll let you guys know what happens

    And I dont have to pay a dime?
    I'm all for it
  8. a digital perm is when they use these curling rods on your hair that have plugs on the ends - they plug these rods into a heating mechanism (you look like medusa for a good 3-5 hours).

    the results are looser waves (they mention that the curls last roughly 6-8 weeks) a la jessica simpson or something.

    i cannot stress enough how great hair looks with a digital perm vs. a regular chemical perm - i am a veteran redken test model lol so if anyone has questions about this, pls PM me.

    i will not lie, but i believe it's my fault for them enforcing the 4-inch rule haha. i had my digital perm done on 2006 and it was long, but not THAT long - but they had not anticipated that my hair would be that thick, either -
    the whole process took 32 rods and 7 hours!!!!!

    i was surprised to see this ad again - i got my hair re-permed this past august and thought they would do digital perm but instead they used regular chemical perm and it totally damaged my hair so i dont really like my hair right now lol

    you girls are right that this has been seen all over the asian salons - thats where they got their idea from (at the time they first rolled out this testing event, they were looking for asian models) and theyre doing digital perms all over now it seems ...

    the service is entirely free but if you work ,you will have to give up a day or two - they are only open mon-thurs 9-5. 1) for evaluation 2) for getting your hair did 3) you will need to make followup appointments in several weeks to see how your hair is holding up. (this is sometimes nice as they give you a wash and blow - SOMETIMES)
    and YES it is truly free - they explicitly write that they do not accept gratuities.

    in conclusion - totally do it if you can!! its a big commitment but i have nothing but positive reviews about redken's digital perm =))) i posted a picture of my hair for reference in a much older thread about perms lol

    PM me for more details, not that i didnt already write enough haha - i'll tell you which stylist to look for ;)
  9. speaking of digital and/or setting perm, can anyone recommend a good place to get one in the Manhattan area? I used to get one at a Korean salon in LA, but I now live in New York city. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!
  10. Ladies,

    Can you recommend a salon in the Manhattan area for a digital or a setting perm? I used to get one in Los Anageles at a Korean salon but now live in New York and need to find a place in Manhattan. Appreciate any assistance. Thanks!
  11. i love digital perm. get it!!!
  12. ohhh i wish they had that here!
  13. My brother's girl is a hair stylist in the city but her friend got the perm done. As soon as she lets me know, I'll post for you BM 30153. I live near Flushing in Queens so there are a lot of Asian salons here so I'm going on a hunt over here too!
  14. Does the digital perm make your hair thicker?
  15. - your hair will appear thicker bc you have a lot more volume now.

    - agreed with the post about asian salons in flushing, esp. if you're looking for a korean hair salon
    - if you really need a manhattan location though, tons of asian salons in chinatown. several on mott st. (running from grand/hester st. all the way to worth st.) and then theres a crapload on doyers and pell st. - these salons are rather small though
    - ktown has some too but i don't know any in particular (32nd st.)