FREE diamanelle stud w/purchase at E.L.F. Makeup

  1. All their stuff is $1 (well except their new body lotions and minerals).
    That's really cheap!
    So for a $1 purchase, you get these studs for free.
    I think that's a bargain.

    Use code: EGDAY
    at checkout.
  2. thanks
  3. this didn't work for me....
  4. sorry it's EGBDAY

    also now they are having buy 1 get 1 half off
    use code:
    until 1/15
    sorry again gals!
  5. Wow, thanks!! I had never heard of E.L.F. before but it is amazing! I just bought 10 different things - for less than the cost of one item from other brands!:wlae: