free damier speedy?

  1. so all thoughout these forums I have been saying how I dont like the damier speedy and would never order one...well a little awhile ago fedex came by - im expecting chanel flats, chanel lux bowling bag and louboutin wedges, all of which arent expected until later this week- so im like :blink: :blink: ..

    well it was from LV..addressed to me, shipped to me..i opened it and it was a damier speedy 30!!! I checked the reciept and it was my card..i called my CC company and they said nothing was charged and nothing was put through at LV....hmmm? whats weirder is that I never waitlisted for it and never called 866 to get it!!!

    weird. :lol::huh:

    added a pic so u dont think im making it UP LOL

    ps. thats my new bbag in the back thread is here :
  2. Keeep It
  3. So did you wake up or did someone have to pinch you? WOW!! My LV dream come true!
  4. What a pleasant surprise!
  5. Wow.. i say enjoy it.
  6. keep it keep it!
    it'll grow on you
  7. Maybe you have a fairy godmother that sends you free stuff. Keep it and enjoy it!
  8. Woah! Good deal! haha.
    If it truely won't be charged, then keep it! Orrrr.... if you don't want it, send it to meeeeee! :P
  9. Credit card charges may show up a few days later so keep a lookout.
  10. Good Heavens, how come cool things like this never happen to me :biggrin: Although I was once in a basementlike room full of authentic Hermes bags that were mine for the picking. Unfortunately I woke up :Push: Congrats though, do you like it in person?

  11. That is unreal! Congrats on your free LV bag
  12. really? LOL how long do they take to show up?
  13. Lucky girl!!
  14. Was it shipped through Elux ?

    Perhaps you can long into your account and see if they shipped you one.
  15. ^ no, it was from the boston, MA store.