Free Cone Day @ Ben & Jerry's Today..

  1. :drool:

    On Tuesday April 17th from 12pm until 8pm participating Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops around the world will be hosting Ben & Jerry’s Annual Free Cone Day.
  2. We crashed them! Site is not working :p .
  3. yay ice cream:yahoo:
  4. yes!!! we're so excited for this... my sister, cousin, best friend, and i are taking our nephews for this later in the afternoon!
  5. My boyfriend tried to go to this last year. Unfortunately, the line was so long at one of the Manhattan locations that they would have been standing for hours so instead they decided that the real "deal & steal" was a visit to Mr. Softie's Ice Cream truck for a $2 cone. On the other hand, given the weather today, the best deal of all might be inside with a hot cup of coffee!