Free Computer Game - Mystery Case Files Madam Fate

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  1. Free full version download from Big Fish games. I got a postcard in the mail today to give the game away as a Valentine's Day gift. I did some checking online and it looks as if it will work more than one time, the code is listed in other forums. I already own it and enjoy it so it's no good to me, geesh they could have sent me a Valentines gift since I am already a customer, hmph. I like it because it's easy and fun when you have some time to pass, unlike my kids games which are way over my head. :shame: It's one of those games where you search for hidden objects in pictures and solve puzzles.

    Here is what you do -


    Hit the 'buy now' button

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    Use coupon code FREEFATE by 3/1/09

    Hope it works for you all!

  2. Wow, thanks!!! It worked for me! Can't wait to play it! :hugs:
  3. Thanks! I really like these games for some reason :biggrin:
  4. Yay, I'm glad it works! I love those games too and have a few versions - Ravenhurst and Return to Ravenhurst (hard puzzles on this one). When the hubby has something on tv that I'm not interested in I'll plop on the couch with my laptop and pass the time.

    If you get stuck there are tips and pages to be found on the web for this one and other games -

    But this one is pretty easy so I wouldn't peek unless you absolutely have to. :smile:

  5. Thank you! These hidden object games are soooo addictive.
  6. thanks so much!
  7. cool ill check it out
  8. Thanks - I like these kinds of games : ) You gave me something to do now when I'm bored!!!!
  9. Thanks! I love these types of games :yahoo:
  10. Ooh thanks, I LOVE these games!!
    Out of all the computer games out there, I love the object search ones the best...I'm actually playing one right now lol.
  11. Thanks!!
  12. Thank you! -- just used the FREEFATE, HOLIDAYRAVEN, and HOLIDAYTITANIC codes and also used the Verbatim link to get the code for 2 more games..

    so 5 free games to play!