Free coach perfume keyfob

Mar 12, 2008
East Coast
Sorry in advance if this was already posted. I just went to look at my mail today and there was a little square box from Coach. I couldn't wait to get it open to see what they were offering now and low and behold it was a deluxe sample of their new perfume attatched to a keyfob chain and the outside had the legacy stripe. The inside say's " As a preferred customer, please enjoy this deluxe spray sample. It's really cute, even though I don't care for the perfume that much.

Check you mail!!!;)


Feb 5, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
The coach boutique gave a spray sample to my daughter and I before but I didn't get one in the mail like you did. Mine didn't have a keyfob chain. I don't care for the scent either but I do carry it in my purse and use it anyway.