Free Coach Cleaning Service?

  1. Today a friend mentioned that someone told her that Coach will at any time take your Coach handbags and clean them up like new free of charge. (or fix any problem parts). And if they can't do it in the store they send it out to the Coach handbag hospital.

    I've been buying Coach bags for at least 10 years or so and have never heard of such a thing.

    Can anyone verify that this is true? Wouldn't that be great if it was...
  2. No, not true. Coach will repair defective merchandise but it does not clean handbags.

    Coach FAQs (from Coach's website):
    Can I send my bag to Coach for cleaning?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer a cleaning or refurbishing service. We do offer a Coach Leather Cleaner, Signature C Fabric Cleaner and Moisturizer Set for our Classic Collection.
  3. Many, many years ago I brought in a coach with a broken closure (the brass pull knob that they made MANY years ago for not that long!) to the retail store. They not only fixed the closure but they also cleaned and polished her.
    That being said, they no longer do this :sad:!
  4. Hmmm, they clean mine for me whenever I'm in the store. I don't even have to ask.
  5. If I am in the store they will use their cleaner on it if I aks them. It is nothing that I can't do myself at home.

  6. the truth of this is that most of the hardware (turnlocks, etc) on the bags now cannot be fixed in the store. the older styles didn't have linings and the hardware was exposed inside so you could get to it by simply opening the bag. those styles can often still be fixed in stores. for this reason newer bags must be sent off to be repaired, but hardware is an easy fix.
  7. I've been wearing Coach bags for almost 30 years. When my first one began showing a little wear, I sent it in and it came back looking almost new. That kind of customer service was what kept me loyal to the brand. All of my bags are "legacy" and part of the appeal was having something timeless that would last a lifetime. Now, I'm very disappointed in the brand. By not refurbishing older 'vintage' bags, I feel that the company no longer stands by it's product. I won't be buying another.
  8. Years and years ago Coach used to clean your bag no charge. But at that time they didn't sell their cleaners/moisturizers to the public either! That's probably why they no longer do it.
  9. Try Nordstrom... I've never tried them for Coach products, but they will clean for free (if you are a good customer, and they sell that brand there). They replaced a screw stud and cleaned a Tylie Malibu I bought off eBay, and it looked fab when I got it back!!

    I haven't actually done this, but I inquired with Coach as to cleaning suede, and around here they send the bags off to Tony Rago Services. They quoted me $30 per bag, and I would just drop off the bag at the store and they take care of sending it off and getting it back. But this is for suede only. I'm not sure about cleaning fabric or leather.

    As for repairs, you can send it off yourself, or at the store it seems to be at their discretion (either replacement, or sending off for repair).
  10. I wish they would...I have a purse that needs help...
  12. That's odd, my SA said to bring my bag in every six months for a free cleaning a moisturizing! I bought my bag two weeks ago!
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  13. This probably depends on location but when I used to frequent a particular coach store often - they always offered to clean my bag. This was well after you could buy their cleaning products & also was a way to promote such products. So I think this all varies by location...
  14. I believe this has changed now. Or perhaps they only do this for their leather bags?
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  15. I wonder if they would clean our old vintage bags, not that it cant be done at home easily lol. They wont really clean suede though I was told they will use the same kit and brush it but its the same as doing it at home