Free Coach Boots!

  1. For me that is!...hehehe

    A friend and I went to the mall about a month ago. Time got away from us and we couldn't get out of the entrance that we came in at--(Lord & Taylor). The whole mall is one big construction site. The SA was still at the door letting people out so I ask if we could walk though b/c our car was parked on that side, she said no! We were instructed by her to go out the door next to the store. We didn't think anymore about it until we went down a hall and once the door open it was DARK and seemingly no way out. Construction equipment everywhere, mud holes, working tools, etc. along with two scared women. No matter what way we went we couldn't get out. I fell into a hole and ruin my coat and my boots I had on. Once we got out we saw them letting others out:mad:

    To make a long story short, i went back to the store the next day and My husband spoke with the Head Manager. It took a month but I receive these in the mail:smile:
  2. wow! that's great! it sucks that you fell, but that was nice of the manager to try so hard to make amends
  3. Wow, those are nice! Were you wearing coach shoes when it happened??
  4. +1
  5. No..I was wearing suede Micheal Kors boots.
  6. AHHH come on - don't tease us like that!!! :graucho:

    LOL... seriously though - I'm glad they tried to make things right. I always appreciate good customer service - and remember the bad customer service too!!
  7. ooohh love those boots!!!
    yay for free stuff!!
  8. That is such a great deal! Hope you are OK now. I would have been PO!
  9. wow awesome customer service! congrats on ur new babies!

  10. I'm fine, thanks for asking. My new boots healed my boo boos. Yay for great customer services:yahoo:

    It's beautiful today here--81 degrees. Don't look like i'll be wearing my new babies anytime soon....i better hold that thought b/c April may fool me.
  11. That's great! And those boots are ADORABLE! You said it's 81 degrees where you are....are you located in PA? I'm in Philly and it's about that temperature here.
  12. uh, WOOHOO at the free boots lol, they're hot!
  13. thats the best story ever!!! i mean not good that you fell but :smile: the boots are AWSOME! are they better then the stuff that got ruined? or were u able to clean that stuff up!?

    congrads YAY for new free stuffff
  14. meanie lol and cute boots =D
  15. Yes, the boots are better then my old It was the MA idea to replace my boots by saying the department was slim but if I found something that interest me let him know.

    What's a girl to do...GET COACH!!!!