Free Cingular Ringtone

  1. Hey!

    For whatever reason Cingular is offering one free ringtone per customer today. I just did it, and it worked, so I have to pass it along because who doesn't love free stuff?

    If you have a Cingular phone, they are offering a code for two credits toward a new music ring tone for each phone you have with the company. All you have to pay is for the text message they send and the 45 to 46.5 kb it costs to download the tone if you don't have any sort of Media NET plan. But still, sixty cents for a 2.49$ ring tone is pretty good.

    Hope everyone enjoys this freebie!!
  2. thanks... that sounds like fun!! And I need some fun in my life right now!

    Thanks again for sharing! :smile:
  3. Cool-Thanks Jill..I just did it and got a new ring tone!!
  4. Thanks!! You guys can list all your phones and get one for each phone number! In our family we have 4 I did 4 free rings! Thanks for the tip!!
  5. Apparently, it's good for 2 free songs (you get two credits-each song is one credit). I tried to get a second song, but it never got sent to my phone :Push: but you guys should try entering the code again & see if you get your free 2nd song!
  6. Cool thanks , i was just thinking about getting one
  7. Thanks! I just used it, and we have 5 phones!
  8. Thank you SOOO much!
  9. Mine havent come to my phone yet?? Did you get the download fast or did you have to wait?? Me thinks mine didnt go thru!!!
  10. Hi Selena,

    I just did mine and it worked. I don't know if most phones are the same, but when you get the text message on your cell, LAUNCH Browser and then download.

  11. Go to your text message section on your phone & there should be a header called "Browser messages" and see if it's there. I didn't have an alert with mine, it was just in that folder.
  12. same thing happen with mines
  13. Ok thanks will check! :smile:
  14. Thanks ~ I got "Home" by Michael Buble :rolleyes:
  15. OMG..never do this before your AM coffee..I ordered a song I already had...LMAO!...DUH JILL...