Free Chocolate Fondue for 2 at the Melting Pot

  1. I don't know if this should go here, admins move/delete if this isn't suppose to be here...

    Melting Pot has a coupon for chocolate fondue for two when you get a combination dinner value at $18.. Since it's Vday, I'm taking my man to the Melting Pot this would work pretty well..!

    All you have to do is sign up for their mailing list, you can un"tick" the part where they will send you stuff through your email.. and sign up, they will email you your coupon! :tup:
  2. OMG!I live at this restaurant !!LOL!
    Thanks !
  3. Oooh, I am going there on Friday with my bf and some other couples. I will use that for sure now.
  4. aww and my date was supposed to go there 2m for valentines but they were booked solid!!! I never been there before too! boooo....:crybaby:
  5. Thank you so much!! I've always wanted to try this but forget about it on those "try new places" nights.
  6. ^the one in san mateo? been dying to go there!
  7. I know! The one here nearest to me, reston town center in va and they are packed for all reservations the day before vday, the day of, and the day after!! I had been lucky reserving my table two weeks ahead but my co-worker told me she tried calling today and it's booked!

    I hope you guys enjoy it and happyyy early vday!! :biggrin:
  8. Thanks a lot. There is one right down the street :tup:
  9. To those of you who haven't been there yet, my advice is to RUN not walk there immediately! I LOVE the Melting Pot - my favorites are the cheese and the chocolate, of course.

    Anyways, thanks for posting!
  10. thanks! can we use this with a purchase of 1 cheese fondue for two, or does it have to be an entire meal? i love their cheese fondues, but am not that wild about their main course fondues (ie meats, seafood, chicken, etc).
  11. thanks so much!
    i have a date on friday and i will def. use this!
  12. ooolalaaa..
    i've been wanting to try this place.. thanks for posting!
  13. yay thank you! I signed me and the man up!
  14. thanks so much! I've actually never been to the melting pot, but I've always wanted to go cuz I've heard such good things! Now this gives me an excuse to go try it out! :yahoo:
  15. Their cheese fondue and chocolate fondue is the best. MMMM- Bailey's Irish Creme chocolate fondue is the best! I'm not too big on the entree's as well. BUT they have a great drink selection!

    We were deciding on a place for v-day, and i totally forgot about this place! They are all booked up till sunday. I'm going to just call both locations and ask them to put me on the waiting list incase anyone cancels for saturday night.