Free Catalouges!!!!!!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I was ordering free catalouges from my favorite stores. I do this before the holidays it's a great way to find gifts for people.Things that you might not see in the stores. I was just wondering what catalouges you recieve? I would love to add more to my list. It can be anything home & garden/food related,clothing,makeup,male related anything at all.
  2. My faves, and I ALWYS forget about a few, are:
    Garnet Hill
    Boston Proper
  3. I haven't really signed up for any catalogues lately but the ones I remember receiving recently are: Free People, Eluxury,... and I actually think that's it! :P
  4. haha, oh dear. you just reminded me that christmas is coming soon!! so much to do..

    I love recieving catalogs in the mail! I especially love the free people ones. they're adorable!
  5. I have ordered from Lakeside Collection for some Xmas gifts and Godiva of course!
  6. I just got my first BP catalog. Their stuff is GAW geous! I had never heard of them before and then it magically appeared in my mailbox:P I must have gottne on their list somehow.
  7. Thanks for sharring ladies keep um comming!
  8. J.Crew
    Urban Outfitters

    I get totally passed over for the higher-end ones though! :lol:
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